Which frontend framework should you use?

TL;DR Just pick a popular one and use it properly.

The internet is full of blogs with titles like "What is the best frontend framework to use in 2022" or "Angular, React or Vue: Which one is the best choice?". These articles usually sum up some pros and cons and mostly have a strongly opinionated conclusion which one to use.

In the past few years I gained experience with Angular, React and Vue. In my opinion they are all great because they are widely used and have:

  • Lots of results on websites like Stackoverflow or Reddit
  • Many third party components
  • Good tutorials

As long as you pick a popular framework I don't think you can make a bad choice. Yes all frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses (described in the earlier mentioned articles). If something is used by millions of people it can't be completely bad right?

What I think matters more is that you should use the framework like it is meant to be. Your project is probably not that special that it needs to do things completely different than any other web app. Please keep with the standards so it's easier:

  • To welcome new team members
  • Updating to future versions
  • Getting third party components to work