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Ansible boilerplate for webapps with Docker, Traefik and Let's Encrypt

I created an Ansible boilerplate for setting up a webserver that can run any webapp that runs in a Docker container. You can use this boilerplate to setup a secure webserver on a freshly installed Debian based linux server (something like an Amazon EC2 instance or VPS). This boilerplate uses Traefik, Let's Encrypt and Docker Compose.

The code is available at: https://github.com/jurruh/ansible-webserver-boilerplate

How to use it?#

You have to set your own host in the hosts file. After that you can run the playbook.

ansible-playbook site.yml

The playbook will install Docker and the other requisites on the machine.

How to deploy an app#

The boilerplate contains an example app (roles/example-app). You can rename or copy it as a starting point, make sure you replace all "example-app" occurences in the folder with your new chosen name. After that you can edit the docker-compose.yml file in the templates directory and add your own services.

Replace the domain in the following line "traefik.http.routers.example-app.rule=Host(`example.jurrevriesen.nl`)" with the domain that is pointed to your webserver to make sure a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is requested.

After you added the new role in site.yml, you can run the playbook again and the new app should be deployed.